Family Camp and COH

Hi Troop 680,

An amazing family camp and court of honor is less than a month away.  It is a great camp out for the whole family, not just the scouts.  You do not want to miss the following great activities:

  • Catapult competition - launching younger brothers and sisters for the furthest distance (maybe we will end up instead using tennis balls)
  • Lots of yummy desserts as part of the competition between patrols 
  • Mr. Buetow (and other parents) in a dunk tank* 
  • Fire building competition 
  • Infection game around all the cool rocks 
  • Luxury accommodations with a 24 hour spa for all the moms who do not want to sleep in a tent*

Sign-up now to not miss out since we are limited to only the first 80 campers to stay overnight.  Everyone can attend the excellent meal at the Court of Honor.  

Note: the two items with * may be slight exaggerations.  All the others are confirmed activities 


  • Friday April 17 - Sunday April 19
  • Court of Honor at 5pm on Saturday 
  • Flexibility to arrive when you want to, Friday or Saturday
  • Location is Lake Morena which is less than an hour from Poway (more details to follow on directions etc)
  • All are welcome - scouts, parents, siblings, Gandalf, or Darth Vadar 
  • If you are camping overnight there is a tiny fee of $6 that will be collected at camp per person.

Do not forget to sign-up during the Monday scout meetings.  

I look forward to seeing you at family camp,

Nikolai Prutow