Outings Newsletter for April 2016

Outings Newsletter for April 2016

·        Outing Photo of the Month:



·        Outing Meal of the Month:

  • Chicken rice bowl – chicken, bell peppers, cheese, rice (Old Goat Patrol) - courtesy of Mr. Prutow.  Third month in a row for the Old Goat Patrol!
  • Nominate a great meal for next month’s newsletter (otherwise, the Old Goat Patrol will undoubtedly win again).   And don’t forget to check out all the backpacking recipes on the troop website, go tohttp://www.troop680.org/gear-resource and scroll to the bottom.

·        Completed outings in March:

  • March 13: Incoming Webelos Day Hike / Backpacking 101.  Scout Lead: Kyle Heuschele; Adult Advisor: Steve DeMatteo – Short local hike and backpacking clinic for new scouts to learn from older scouts.  Informative stations with practical tips for backpacking.
  • March 18-20: Local Beginners’ Backpack.  Scout Lead: Nikolai Prutow; Adult Advisor: Jim Prutow – Overnight with 10-mile hike in Cleveland National Forest to practice backpacking skills.  Very cold but very good turnout and lots of fun.
  • March 26: Keane to Buchanan Trek.  Scout Lead: Ben Keane; Adult Advisors: Steve Keane/Guy Buchanan.  9.75 miles - Up and over Mt. Woodson from Keane compound to Buchanan compound ending the day with food, games, and a movie (training for C2C2C and 50-mile hike).

 ·        April Outings:

  • April 1-3: Camelback Intermediate Backpacking.  Scout Lead: Trevor Ruuspakka; Adult Advisor: Kam Wong – 30-mile hike over three days, with nighthike, 20 miles on day 2, and bushwhacking to Middle Peak.
  • April 9-15: Grand Gulch, Utah.  Scout Lead: Zack Wong; Adult Advisor: Guy Buchanan – 5-day trek into historic and scenic Grand Gulch.
  • April 24: San Gorgonio from Momyer Creek.  Scout Lead: Ben Keane; Adult Advisor: Steve Keane – 26 miles and 6,000 feet of elevation gain (training for C2C2C and 50-mile hike).
  • April 29-May 1: Spring Family Camp, Dos Picos, Ramona.  Scout Lead: Connor Donald; Adult Advisor: Jim Prutow – Fun and mellow family camp with Court of Honor on Saturday.